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Bumhan onsite support services give our customers more confidence as much as our products.
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Marine Compressor

 Since the establishment of the Shipbuilding Business Division, it have been providing high-quality high-tech air compressors to four major shipyards as well as small and midium-size shipyards in Korea and boasting high brand recognition among European ship owners!
  We are moving forward as a noted global leader in the world.


Nuclear & Aerospace Compressor

 BUMHAN INDUSTRIES has applied its experience and know-how accumulated through the supply of compressors in the hydro·thermal power sector to nuclear power generation.
  It has maintained a leading position in nuclear power business, while it has been supplying BUMHAN’s products to most of domestic
nuclear power plants.
  Furthermore, it is gradually expanding the area, as it is recognized for excellence in quality in overseas markets such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Angola.


  In addition, it is growing together with the aerospace industry, as it has involved in the design and manufacture of ultra high-pressure air compressors supplied to Naro Space Center where a satellite was successfully launched.